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My Bullies.....Home of the Bullmastiff
Well, it looks like the puppies will be here any day. They should be ready to go to their new homes the week before Christmas 2002!!


TO MY BULLIES! This site is to introduce you my Bullmastiffs. Enjoy!!

Well, FINALLY we will be having puppies! Dreamer should be due any time. So keep an eye out! Newborn puppy pictures will be posted soon.

Dreamer says "Oops, this really isn't what it looks like. I was just LOOKING at your socks. They jumped out of the hamper and were bothering me. The sack? What sack? Hey! Smash! Do you see any sack??"

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Dreamer and Smash
Smash says...."Don't even THINK about lookin' at ME! Why would I POSSIBLY want to drag around your stinky socks!!

Visit Meet the Pack and our photo album to see Smash, Irma, Dreamer, Odis, Sissy and some of the precious little baby puppies that have been born here. Also now we have Boris' puppy pictures and grown up pictures of Dreamer that I still have to post!
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